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With Love From China

I yawned and stretched in the tiny space of our bedroom. Ling had stolen most of the covers, and was snuggled up in a corner of the bed, talking in his sleep. I listened to him mumble for awhile, then got up, went over to him, and ripped the blankets off.
"Oooh, cold," he shuddered. I pinned him to the bed and climbed on him. "Still cold?"
He yawned. "You are going to kill me with all this frantic activity," he moaned, "I don't know if I can keep up!"
I looked at him innocently. "I'm wearing you out?" He nodded. "Well, then, only twice today, alright?"
He smiled, half awake. "Three. No more than three, though."
I kissed him, sliding my fingers up his bare chest. He responded by pulling off my shirt. I sat on top of him, breasts lightly bouncing from the relieved support. He pulled me down and tied my hands to the bedpost.
"Ling...didn't know you liked...bondage," I breathed.
No response. He tied a scarf around my mouth, gagging me gently.
I bit my lip. "Ling?" I mumbled. "What are you doing?"
"Shhh. A little rough trade, that's all." He leaned over to get something out of the bedside table.
At first, I thought it would be the normal thing for any guy to pull out of a drawer. But I was happily surprised when he pulled out a can of Hershey's syrup and a paintbrush.
After he'd fought with me to take off my skirt, he knelt down at my feet.
He painted my toenails, and made little swirls on my feet. He moved upwards, decorating me with cool, chocolate syrup. When he'd gotten all the way up to my face, he pulled off the scarf and kissed me hard and full. My mouth opened to receive all the tongue he could give.
I trembled as he knelt over me, carefully retracing the designs with his mouth. The feel of a wet, hungry, pushing tongue cannot be imagined to its fullest extent. But if you practice on your upper arm, you can get a feel of it.
Ling looked at me, criticizing. "You're too sticky to play with. I don't like dirty toys." He unlocked the handcuffs, scooping me off the bed, and dumping me in the tub. As the warm water coursed over my skin, I couldn't help but sigh. Ling yanked out a bar of soap and a loofah.
"Put the loofah away, Ling. You have hands," I scolded. He lathered up the soap and spread some bubbles over my feet.
I lay back and let Ling scrub me. Then, without any warning, he stripped and slid into the tub on top of me.
I wrapped my arms around his skinny frame and locked my hands together at the small of his back. He used the soap and massaged my shoulders.
I closed my eyes as a wave of heat ignited my body. I nipped his earlobe playfully. He splashed water on my shoulders to rid them of soap foam, then nibbled the juncture between neck and shoulder.
I snaked my hands down to the top of his round but nicely flat ass. I stroked the downy fur there, making him press against me, grinding my hip bones on the porcelain tub.
"Oh...feels sooooo...shudder...goooooood." Ling drew out the last syllable, crooning it in my ear. I patted his butt.
The water had turned remarkably cold, in comparison with our steaming bodies. Ling got to his knees, pulling me to a sitting position with the bathroom wall supporting me. Then, together, we stood up, letting the water run down our skin, joining together in rivulets. He swung his thick, wet hair over his shoulder.
"Ling..." I moaned in his face, kissing him. "Please, now..."
He lifted me out of the tub and threw me on the bed. "Silence." He quickly blindfolded me. I wriggled on the soft feather comforter. "Ling...what are you doing?"
When I finally got the blindfold off, it was utterly black in the room, except for candles lit all around. "I'm here, Lotus Blossom," he whispered.
I stared in shock, as Ling emerged from the bathroom in black silk boxers. They became part of the shadows, illuminating his butterscotch skin. He stepped over to the closest candle and blew it out. Slowly, he snuffed every candle, until he got to the one right next to the bed.
I licked my lips, melting in the oriental eyes like elongated chips of obsidian, jaded beyond their years. The weak candlelight flickered in them. I gasped as he crawled onto me, extinguishing the last candle.
I felt his weight on my stomach as he slid downwards. I groped for him, but I only got the brush of hair as he rolled off.
In the dark, I was utterly helpless. Then, I felt the soft caress of fingers on my breasts. I moaned, "Ling...oooh...baby..." He lowered his head down to suck. He bit my nipples, sending waves of ecstasy through me. I shuddered.
His fingernails lightly dug over my skin, stinging like acid. I arched up to him. "Oh, please, Ling!" I moaned. He licked the underside of a breast. I hissed at the unusual feeling of tongue between skin.
I heard him swallowing, then breathing hot air onto me. I seized his hair and yanked him to my face. "Ah..." he smiled.
I kissed him passionately as he pressed me into the bed. I heard my mind vibrate with a warning of impending explosion. I linked my legs around his waist and shoved him up inside me. At the same time, we gasped.
"Lotus!" "Ling!" And simulantanously, "Oooh...aaaah!"
Ling buckled under all the libido. He bit my fingers so hard they bled. I screamed, pulling my hands away from his mouth. I'd never known he could get so powerful! But that luscious hunk of meat kept impaling me over and over. I whimpered, trying to get him to pull out, but he clipped me under the jaw and knocked me semi-conscious.
I lay there, moaning, as he exploded. The warm flood was unlike anything I'd ever experienced with him. Sure, we'd done this before, but he always pulled out before anything drastic happened. Like this.
He slumped onto my chest, breathing hard, still buried in between my legs. He was too tired to even move, because he promptly fell asleep. I stroked his hair like a puppy until I fell asleep.
I woke to Ling licking my face. "Get up, Lotus. You've got to cook breakfast."
I slugged him with a pillow. He laughed. "Or am I breakfast enough?" I rolled over, stifling his voice with another pillow. "Good night, Ling."
Kiss. "Good night, sleep tight, don't let little Lingy bite." Snicker.

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