Model Sheet Support Group

I swear, some of us need this.

[Scene: a hotel conference room. There is a crowd of people all gathered in a circle, with one standing at the head. She has a tissue in one hand, and is dabbing at her face. A sign on the wall that originally read "Alcoholics Anonymous" has been sloppily covered by a hastily made banner reading "Model Sheet Support Group."]
TEALIN: Hello, my name is Tealin and … [suppresses an embarrassed sob] I’m addicted to model sheets.
SUPPORT GROUP: We love you Tealin!
TEALIN: [trying to compose herself] Oh, gee, thanks. It all started when I saw Hunchback. I thought it was a really cool movie! I wanted to see it again and again! And then my friend got The Art of Hunchback from the library! It was so beautiful…[begins to trail off, then comes back to reality] And then I wanted to check it out. And I did. And I kept checking it out and checking it out and checking it out because I wanted to draw the characters and I wanted to draw them right…
GROUP MEMBER: That’s how it always starts, honey.
TEALIN: Yeah, I should have seen it coming. Well then I had this friend who had a copy of a model sheet for Pocahontas! And it was Ok-ed by Eric Goldberg! I had Eric Goldberg’s initials! Of course it was a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, but that didn’t matter.
GROUP MEMBER: Why should it?
TEALIN: So I was drawing this comic strip and I got to the part where I had to put in Pocahontas, and I used that model sheet! [becomes extremely dramatic with what she’s saying] And she looked so right! She looked better than any character I had ever drawn before!
GROUP MEMBER: Oh no! That’s when it really started, didn’t it?
TEALIN: Yeah, it got really bad after that. I looked everywhere in all the animation books, and even tried to use the ones that were half an inch long in the photos of the animators.
GROUP MEMBER: Ooh, you got it bad.
TEALIN: I never found any more. I tried looking for “how to draw” books for animated characters, but I never found any. And then when I was workingon the Pinocchio part of my comic strip – [pauses, bracing herself for the enormity of what she is about to say][whispering] I made my own model sheet for Pinocchio.
TEALIN: [Breaks down in tears.]
GROUP MEMBER: [comes up and puts her arm comfortingly around her shoulders.]It’s all right, Tealin. We just didn’t know it was that severe. We’ll help you get through it!
TEALIN: [through tears] Thanks.
[there is a loud commotion from outside the doors that sounds like a moving van full of paper has just exploded. A delivery man comes through the door]
DELIVERY MAN: Is this the Hunchback of Notre Dame studio reunion? The entire collection of original model sheets is here!
[in a mad rush for the door, the man is trampled. Everyone has relapsed and is reveling in the model sheets.]
DELIVERY MAN: [picking himself up from being ground into the floor] Can I … get … someone … to sign for them … please?

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