I'm warning you, it gets even worse!

The King and I

I got lost in the Palace when I took a wrong turn. Everything looked similiar, and I kept walking in circles. Asking for help was out of the question. The only people who knew I was inside thought I was spying, not playing around. If any of them had been arrested and brought by me, they would see the cum dried on my face and hair, the way my clothes were rumpled, that fresh sheen of sweat. 
I pressed myself into a greasy wall and started to cry. Silently, of course, no spy would ever cry aloud. But soon the agony was too much to bear. I let out a wail. 
"Oh, Frollo, where are you?"
Guards leaped out of rooms. "A gypsy!" "Not again!" "Throw her in the dungeon!"
They carried me away. Too bad they weren't singing, like Clopin would have done. I didn't bother struggling. 
Then, to my relief, the Captain of the Guard stomped out. "I thought Frollo said to let the gypsy go! Now, take it outside, and dispose of it!"
They had mistaken me for Raja! Oh, wonderful!
I was tossed out of the Palace, bouncing down the stairs. As soon as I landed in the street, I got up, bruised, and walked steadily away. 
A figure snatched me into the alley. I was about to scream, but the shadow kissed me. I would know those lips anywhere. After all, I'd only imagined them against my own for years. "Your Majesty! This is too dangerous! Not here... take me back to the Court. Please?"
He squeezed me tightly. "One of the guards, who followed you, said you'd been captured in the Palace. Oh, dear, they let you out? A dream, a prayer, a miracle! I was so worried!"
What if Frollo was to peer out his window? We were directly beneath it! "Clopin, please! The Court!"
"Alright. No love in the alley?" He hoisted me up into his arms. 
I clung tightly as he scaled a wall, dashed up a building, scrambled over the roofs, and jumped into the cemetery. "Oooh! Don't scare me like that!"
He kissed my hair, taking an opportunity to squeeze my breast. I squealed, pretending to slap him. He dropped me on the ground and held me, spread-eagled. 
"Clopin! We're in the middle of the graveyard!"
He rolled us over behind a huge angel statue. "Now no one will see us."
I wriggled, trying to get out from under him. "Look, this is a major route of traffic. I won't let you, not here. Inside!"
A scowl deepened. "I'm the King; how dare you defy me!"
He pushed me against the statue. My head rapped the edge of it, and I gasped. My hands went up to my head, which felt as if it had been tied to a grindstone. Warm, sticky blood oozed out onto my fingers.
I started whimpering, not because I meant to, but because it hurt, and I couldn't believe he would do such a thing. "Get away from me, you bastard!" I snapped, kicking at him.
He fell to his knees, making a noise that I don't think anyone, not even his mother, had ever heard. I cocked my head, barely understanding.
My mood instantly changed. I couldn't take anyone I loved crying. "Cl-Clopin? I'm sorry. Please... Oh!" I hugged him. My scalp burned, but I ignored it. 
He turned his head, ashamed. "This has never happened to me before. Nobody means as much to me as you. Oh God, I never--never meant to hurt you. I'm so-" A new wave of tears spilled onto his cheeks. 
I licked a tear's trail down his face. "Love, it's alright. It just scared me. Look, it's barely bleeding."
He reached up to explore the gash. I almost winced when he touched it, but gritted my teeth. He fell into my arms. "Let's go to my tent," he suggested.
Together, we strolled into the Court. People bowed, took off their hats, and waved. I kept my head down, trying not to act giddy. Ah, at last! I would get to fuck Clopin! I'd only been waiting ten years!
He let me into the tent, sent away the bodyguards, and told everyone he'd be busy. I turned bright red. Now everyone knew what we were about to do!
"You made that really subtle," I sarcastically remarked. 
He shrugged, spreading out some blankets. "When they hear it, they'll know what's going on anyway."
I sighed, realizing that any noise we made would be heard by all. "Um... is there anywhere we can go and be private?"
He leaned in close to me, flicking my ear with his tongue. "Only if you keep it a secret."
I pressed my open lips to his, pushing hard with my tongue. "Certainly."

La Tablette

Clopin stepped onto a rickety stool, balancing precariously as he pried a stone out of the wall. He almost fell, but I steadied him.
"Thank you, sweetheart. Now, can you climb in this tunnel?" He grabbed me around the waist. It tickled, causing giggles.
When I laughed, we could hear most of the Court trying to stifle their snickers. He rolled his eyes, I stopped laughing.
We both almost fell off the stool. As it was, I got smashed into the wall. "Ow," I grunted. My head was starting to ache more incessantly.
I crawled up into the tiny square behind the stone Clopin had pulled out. It led to a tunnel filled with darkness.
"Crawl down there," he whispered, attempting to crawl in behind me.
It was hot and stuffy, not like any other rooms in the Court. They were all damp and moldy. After about twenty feet, the tunnel opened up into a small room. I sat in the middle, waiting for Clopin.
"What is this place?" I asked, feeling self-conscious in the dark.
He lit a torch. "My secret room. But it's not really a room. It's a shelf. See?" He led me over to one side. If I stretched over far enough, I could see the Court going about their daily affairs.
"Can they... hear us?"
He kicked off his shoes. "No. Pretty nifty, no?"
I blushed. "I don't know if... if I can do this," I stammered.
He sat down, Indian-style, and pulled me onto his lap. "Oh, you poor thing. Are you scared?"
I took his hand in mine. "A little, I suppose. I mean, I don't know if... Is there medicine? I-I-I..." I couldn't finish the sentence.
He squeezed my hand, laying his head on my shoulder. "If that's what you're worried about, yes, there is medicine. In fact, I have some. It'll be okay." He reached his other hand down to brush my front. I twitched as it reached directly above my bikini line. He wiggled his fingers on my skin.
"Oooh. Okay, stop. I'm ready."
He didn't answer, just slid his hand down. It was on my skirt, but it was making me get wet anyway. Then he spidered his hand up, and under my skirt.
I sharply leaned back, trying to get his hands inside me. "Come on," I groaned. He tapped a finger on my crotch. I nearly came, but held it in.
I was in an awkward position. I couldn't do anything to him, which made the longing even worse.
He stretched out a leg, rubbing it against mine. Ah, tights... Just like Frollo... but silkier...
I blinked in shock. Here I was, being manually stimulated, and all I could think of was the other guy? Get a grip, Marcelle!
Clopin toyed with the folds of skin. I tried to touch him but he knocked me flat, tied up my hands, and rolled me over. Now I could do was lay on the stone and let him do what he wanted. But I wasn't going to fight back.
He pulled my skirt off. I curled up into a ball, trying to hide. "Nooooo, put it back on," I begged.
"Okay." He grabbed it, and slowly worked it up over my thighs, taking an opportunity to kiss them. "With, or without gloves?" he questioned.
I breathed out shakily. "Both."
He took off one glove, tossing it to the side. With the gloved hand, he petted my breasts. The other, he continued what he was doing earlier.
He kissed my cheek. "One... two... three!" On three, he jammed his finger up inside me. I crossed my legs. "Farther..."
He twisted hard, punching his hand up. But it wouldn't go any farther.
I used my legs to pull him closer. He licked his lips, smiling devilishly. Then, he removed his knife from its sheath. Testing the point, he stuck his bloodied fingertip in my mouth. I sucked it as hard as I could.
"Good technique," he commented, before he supported a breast and slowly sliced down the middle of the nipple. I almost shrieked, but then he started licking the blood off. It felt like it would never stop! He pulled back my hair and spit it in my face.
I shook my head, trying to get off the red liquid. Clopin licked it off, in alternating up-down strokes while he slid his finger in and out of me. I licked his lips, wanting more. He kissed me, injecting my own blood down my throat.
"Why aren't you a vampire?" I moaned.
He crawled on top of me. "I'm anything you want, Marcelle." With that, he bit my neck. I struggled for a moment, then went limp.
"Oh... yes!" I pushed my neck against his teeth. But I knew something was wrong. "Why aren't you using your right teeth?" I asked, biting my lip.
He pulled away from my body, blood running down his chin, getting caught in his goatee. "I don't want to hurt you."
I rolled out from below him. "Are you?"
He tossed his hair. "Am I what?"
I stood, feeling weak. "A-a vampire."
He sighed. "Of course not! It was just a game."
I stumbled backwards, frightened. I'd always been fascinated by men who could play games, but a dangerous game like this? Oh God, I had to get out of here!
I turned and scrambled out of the room, doing anything to get outside to breathe some fresh air.

Safety (Sort Of)

I stood by the Palace tree, choking on the air. It was too salty, too thick, too much like blood. I tried to shove the thoughts out of my head, but it was hard.
A hand dropped onto my shoulder. "Darling, you came back! I've missed you."
I flicked it off. "Frollo, not now. I'm not in a good mood."
His voice dipped low. "Claude. Call me Claude."
"Oh, Claude!" I flew into his embrace. "I was so scared. There was blood, and fangs, blood, blood, blood!" I pretended to panic. Perhaps if I played the game that there was a vampire in Paris, I could detract some attention from my people.
Claude hissed, "It would be a gypsy! Guards!"
I grabbed his collar, crying, "No! It wasn't! It was a short, fat man. He was very pale, with blonde hair. Not one of the gypsies!"
He narrowed his eyes. "Are you sure?"
I sobbed against his chest. "Of course! Would I forget something like that?"
As if I would betray one of my people! Especially when I loved the leader!
"Claude?" I whimpered. "Can we? You know? Upstairs?"
He swept me off my feet. "Anything for a victim. My victim."
I gave him a hickey as he practically bounded up the stairs in joy. He kissed my lips and neck, making the hot and stuffy chamber even worse. I fought my scarf off, nearly pulling out my hair.
"Oh, Claude!" I gasped as he tore off his cassock in one suave, flowing motion. He tossed it somewhere behind his back. I let him undress me, but I covered myself teasingly.
"Modest little brat!" He laughed sexily, a noise that made me lunge for him, dragging him on top of me. It was getting too humid, too sweaty in the room. I needed some air!
I giggled. "Are the halls clear? Wanna streak?"
He scrunched up his face. " 'Streak'? Enlighten me. A gypsy word?"
I smiled, reaching down to yank off his shoes. "No. A new slang word. A new entertainment. C'mon, take off the tights!"
He glared at me. "Why does it matter if the halls are clear?"
I shoved my chest in his face. He took the opportunity to suck like I was his wet nurse. While he was preoccupied, I used my toes to gently slide off his tights.
I jumped up. "Now, catch me!" I cried, dancing about the room like Clopin. Only I doubt he would ever play this game with Frollo! Now, that would be an interesting sight... Anyway...
He spun around, trying to grab me. I laughed as he got just close enough, and I twisted out of reach. I seized the Bible off the table and began doing a lewd dance with it. Any other person would have executed me right there. But Claude, dripping with sweat, just groaned, "Will you put that down?"
"No. Only if you catch me first!" I sprinted for the door. He pursued, and didn't even realize we were out in the halls of the Palace.
As I turned corners and hid behind doors, I never bothered to think that some guards might actually be around. I leapt, gazelle-like, into a room, slamming the door. Then, I saw them.
Four guards, sitting around, playing some outlawed game. I screamed, not knowing where to put the Bible to censor my nakedness. Top or bottom? Marcelle, what have you done, you thoughtless moron?
They began snickering at me.
"Eh, missie, this ain't the bar."
"Ooh! Nice!"
"Does Frollo know you're here?"
My mouth fell open involuntarily. The guards made the most horrified face I have ever seen on human features. For a moment, I thought they had turned to gargoyles. Frollo had burst into the room in his birthday suit. He was god-like, muscular, pale, sexy--and completely naked! Not to mention the sweat droplets in his chest hair, the rivulets of it pouring from his body, the hair a disheveled mop, and his face filled with sensous rage. I shoved the Bible in front of Claude, waved goodbye to the guards, and hauled him away. "How did you know my name?" I hissed, shocked. If he'd known who I really was, why hadn't he called me by name earlier? Did he capture my other lover? Had he hurt another gypsy? Had the Court been captured? Or was it just a chance that he'd overheard someone calling me? Claude smiled evilly, a smile dubbed "The Shark", for good reason. "A hint from an inside source." He stepped into his room, threw me my clothes, and yanked on his. "Come. I have a surprise for you." I followed down twisting stairs, further into the Palace.

A Place Of My Own

The dungeons were filled with green shadows, and the flickers of fires. I bent my head as I pondered whether I would be receiving my own cell.
"Um... Claude?" I called, nervous. "Where are we going?"
He never answered. We just kept slinking down the stairs. Several times I had to stop and catch my breath, but he quietly waited for me.
"Claude? Why won't you tell me what's going on?"
He strolled past the rows of cells, glaring at the empty ones. Then, he stopped in front of one.
I peered inside. It had been furnished with a nice fluffy bed, blankets, tapestries, and plush comforts. "What is this place?"
He unlocked the door and gently pushed me inside. "Your new home. I couldn't stand the thought of you being out on the streets, so I had this specially furnished for you, dear."
My mouth dropped open. "No..." I moaned, "don't lock me up! Please!"
Claude shook his head. "And let some scum take advantage of you? Certainly not!" He slammed the door shut and locked it. "If you need anything, just ask your personal guard."
I flung myself against the bars of the door, sobbing, "Anything! I'll do anything! Don't leave me here! Claude!"
He glided up the stairs, not noticing my pleas. A guard marched up to my cell.
"At your service, mademoiselle."
I gave him Bambi eyes. "Please let me out. I'll die if I don't! Gypsies don't do well inside stone walls."
He shook his head. "I can't, miss. If I do, it's my head for sure!"
I gritted my teeth and rubbed my temples, trying to think of a plan. "Well, would you take me up to his room tonight? I hate it when he doesn't kiss me goodnight."
The guard, who was beginning to remind me of Charles Manson, sighed. "I suppose. But you'll have to be cuffed. I won't take any chances."
"Thank you, my friend. You truly have a good soul. Now, how much longer until nightfall?"
Charles shrugged. "It's just starting to get light outside. I'll take you upstairs at six in the evening. Don't worry, you'll get to see him."
I spent the next few hours thinking of how I was going to get out of the Palace. Before any more of my lovers came looking for me. Oh God, what would happen to Clopin if he was caught? I didn't want to know, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.
After I'd worn myself out fretting, I rolled onto my feather bed (that must have cost my baby a fortune) and went off to dreamland.
I woke up again when my guard banged on my door. "Uh, miss? Frollo wants to eat lunch with you. Come on, get up!" He pulled me out of my blankets and hauled me up the stairs, half asleep.
Claude was waiting for us at the top of the stairs by his door. "Thank you. You may leave now," he said, gesturing to the guard. I meekly followed him inside.


He offered me everything on the table, but I didn't take a thing.
"Marcelle, what's wrong?" He tried to take my hand.
I stood up and moved away from him. "I don't think you're charming anymore."
He sat there, confused. "What? You said you loved me."
I whirled around, smacking him so hard I knew I was going to be executed later. "How dare you lock me up?! I'm not your slave! I want something you won't give me."
Frollo rubbed his face slowly, letting the knowledge that I'd just hit him sink in. "I thought you'd be grateful! I took you in, you homeless ragamuffin! And this is how you repay me?"
I'd had enough. "Ragamuffin? Homeless? How do you know if I have a home or not? What if my family is starving because I can't earn bread money because you've locked me up like an animal?"
He pursed his lips angrily. I began to feel the first twinges of panic. What if he was going to kill me? Then I would never see Raja and Clopin again. They would never do this to me, I was sure! I backed up a few steps.
Claude stood, brushing everything off the table and coming over to me. I continued backing up until I felt the wall behind my back. I covered my head with my arms, cowering.
"Please, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you. Don't...don't!" I sobbed, bursting into tears.
He took my arms away from my head, more gently than I thought possible, and held them to my sides. "If you have family, I will help you take care of them." He smoothed my hair.
I shivered under his touch. "I want something more important than money."
Claude lifted my chin with an index finger. "What do you want, my dear?"
I shoved his hand down. "You know what I want."
He shook his head sadly. "I can't bear the thought of you losing all your options and having to sell yourself. It happens to so many sweet young women. It breaks my heart to know that corruption cannot be defeated. I love you, and I can't let anything happen to you."
I scowled. "I was better taken care of by myself than by you! I want to go back to my home. Why can't you trust me? Do you think I'll never come back?"
Claude knelt at my feet. "I would ask you to marry me, but that is impossible. I will only let you go on one condition. You must promise never to be with another man, and you must come visit me sometimes."
I knelt beside him. "Oh, Claude!" I flung my arms around him. "I love you! I promise!" With those words, I stood up, and launched myself out the window, vanishing into the night.
Would I be able to keep my romantic interests to myself? Oh, I hoped Claude would never find out about Clopin! Clopin already knew a little about Claude, but not too much. I liked it that way, as well. Another adventure ending gracefully, with a future looming ahead!

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