Warning: I told you it was graphic. And it's gonna get worse!

Reporting To My Superior

I sped all the way to the Court. It was pouring rain now, and there was a pinkish hue to the clouds. Almost dawn... must hurry... need to get back...
The guards were changing positions when I got to the Court. I nodded at them, pulling the blanket back from my face. The first two smiled and waved. I recognized one as the boy I'd had a crush on before Frollo.
The third guard leaped from the shadows. "You little bitch! Thinking you could sneak by me!" He grabbed my arm and twisted it. I shrieked in pain.
My old love, Raja, grabbed a staff. He smacked my captor in the head. "Let her go, Jorge!"
Jorge? A guard?! How had he gotten demoted? I stopped wondering as I felt my bone slowly begin to snap. "Ow! God, Jorge! I didn't mean for you to lose your position! It's our King's decision, not mine!"
He let go, right before my arm broke, kicking me to the ground. "Don't go out alone ever again. Or I'll murder you."
A booming voice cut through the air. "And if you do, you still will not become senior spy again. I'll match your life for hers." Clopin swept through the muddy sludge and picked me off the ground. "I believe you have information to report," he said to me.
I got my bearings and walked beside him. "Yes. Well, um... sort of."
He eyed me. "Sort of? He didn't say anything?"
I shook my head. "No. He decided that he was going to take me in as his own, though. I learned that the back door to the Palace is generally unguarded. And I know how to get to his bedroom."
Clopin stopped in front of his tent, pulling the curtained door aside. When we had both walked in, he flung the curtain closed. "WHAT?! I specifically told you not to touch him! That was a direct order, and you disobeyed. For that, you should be hung immediately."
I sank to my knees. "Oh, Your Majesty! Please, no! I didn't mean to! I was sleeping in the room next to him, and... and he was breathing on me in the middle of the night. I was half-asleep, I didn't realize... When I did, I ran to you. Please, don't kill me!" I laid my head on his feet, softly crying.
He kneeled down. "Oh, I wasn't going to. I want you to know that you are the most valuable woman in the whole Court. And... I would be honored if you... we could..." He wrapped his arms around me. "Oh, God, I love you."
I let him pet my head for a few minutes. Then I raised my head. "I-I think I should leave."
"You're right. Thank you for the information, sweet. Now, get out before I change my mind."
As I left, I heard him mumbling and groaning to himself. Poor Clopin... but he is so delectable. Can I have both of them?


In the daytime, most of the spies went to bed. Espionage is a nocturnal job, but I couldn't sleep. I knew I had to apologize to Frollo for leaving him so suddenly. What could I do?
As I skipped out of the Court, I stopped by the guards again. Jorge was missing. Perhaps Clopin had thrown him out of the Court; made him an outcast of the outcasts. But the person I needed to talk to was still there.
"Hallo, Raja! Come here!"
Raja looked at his fellow guard, who shrugged. "Go with her, Raj. I'll keep watch for you."
Raja slid out of the shadows. For a moment, I remembered why I had liked him. Those big brown eyes, framed by curved bangs, and the way he always pointed his toes. Very silly reasons to like a boy, but aren't all crushes silly? Only true love means anything.
"Raj, I need some help." I bit my lip and looked at my bare feet amongst the sewage.
Raja grinned. "What kind of help? And what will you pay me?"
I rolled my eyes. Raja could be so irritating! "Well, I need advice. How do you tell a guy you're sorry for walking out on him?"
His mouth dropped open. "Marcelle! How? And-and who?"
I pressed my finger against his lips. "I also need a bodyguard, if Jorge is out in the streets."
Raja sighed. "Yeah. He is. The King exiled him a few minutes after your meeting. About that guy problem, though, I'm not sure. I've never walked out on a guy."
"Raja!" I cried in annoyance. "If a girl did that to you, what would she have to do to get you to take her back?"
"Well, I think I would like her to... You know what? I don't know! It's never happened to me before."
He was so egotistical, I felt like slugging him in the middle of the Court. But I smiled. "Can you be my guard?"
Raja fiddled with his knife. "Sure," he murmured softly. "It would be an honor."
I blushed furiously as Raja called out to his partner, "I'll be back! Marcelle and I are going off on an adventure."
The guard snickered and waved goodbye.
I already had a plan, though. When we got out onto the street, I strolled over to the florist's.
"I need a rose," I told the shopkeeper.
The vendor glared at me. "Get out, you gypsy scum. You can't pay, and I know it. How dare you mock me by even asking! I'll call the guards on you! Get out!"
Raja pulled his knife. "We can pay, old man."
As he did this, I pulled out a silver coin. The man brightened at the sight of it.
"Now, uh, what kind, miss?"
I glanced at Raja. We both giggled. "Uh... red."
The man strolled over to me with it. "Here you go. Thank you very much, and have a wonderful day. God bless you."
I burst out of the shop. Before the door had even shut, Raja and I fell over each other laughing.
"Oh God, didn't you love that?!"
"Ha ha ha ha!"
"The poor old coot!"
I stood up finally, shaking off the dust. "Well, follow me. I have an appointment to keep."
Raja walked by me, asking all sorts of questions.
"So, what's the rose for? Where are we going? What appointment? Why are we going to the Palace? Are you insane? We'll be caught!"
I shook my finger at him. "Silence. Now, watch for anyone. If they look in my direction, whistle."
"Ok..." Raja said, not sounding sure of himself at all.
I slowly opened the Palace back door. When I didn't see anyone, I scuttled up the stairs and up to my room. I prayed that my baby wasn't in his room. But I heard the rattle of a carriage. I rushed to the window. It was him, and he was coming inside! Raja whistled loudly. I tossed the rose on Frollo's bed and ran back down the stairs, narrowly missing a guard.
Raja was freaking out as I got to him. "Come on!"
We ran away, but I kept looking back. Would he accept my apology? Would he know who had left it? Was I welcome tonight?

A Slight Delay

I spent the rest of the day sleeping. I was plagued with nightmares of being rejected by Frollo. In several scenes, he would lock me in the cells. Or he'd tease me until I thought I'd explode from lust, then kill me. I woke up to the tune of my neighbor singing. It sounded like someone was molesting Djali. I rolled out from my blankets and shook out my hair. No use brushing it, it would only get mussed up tonight anyway.
The King slipped into my tent as I started getting changed into my other dress. I screamed and dived for cover beneath my blanket.
"I'm sorry! I didn't know you were changing. Look, don't be nervous. Just come out and let me see you."
The last thing I wanted to do was let Clopin see me naked. I pulled the blanket like a robe around me and turned to meet his face.
"Oh, you're modest." He put his hands on my shoulders. I gazed at him. He was so handsome, even without the hat that covered his cute hairline. "Are you scared of me?"
I felt like a deer-in-headlights. "Yes, Your Highness."
He slowly pulled me closer. "Don't be. I'm gentle when I want to be."
I believed it! His fingers were lightly twitching the blanket. Any minute now, he would slid those gloved hands onto my skin, and I would be forced to let my emotions take over. Marcelle, you imbecile, I silently screamed, you'll be late for your honey!
Clopin ran his hand through my hair. "Do you know how beautiful you are? Your eyes are like pearls on pillows of satin. Your lips are freshly picked berries. Your hair--a raven's wing. Yet, you do not seem to know it. That makes me want you all the more."
I flung my arms around his neck, wriggling out of the blanket. "I've ALWAYS wanted you."
He smiled as he let his tongue rest in the "u" of my collarbone. He cupped my breasts, and pinned me to the floor with a knee. "May I?" he asked.
I realized what time it was, and that I had to be in the Palace. "Sir, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but... I'm not ready."
He kissed my cheek. "I understand. Now, go do your job."
I smiled back at him. "Yes, sir!"
If only he knew how much I would enjoy it...

"Forgive Me!"

I slowly inched up the stairs to my room. Everything seemed to be unguarded, but I thought I heard whispers in the shadows. It's just your imagination, silly!
I listened at the door for any sort of sound. Nothing echoed to my eyes, so I stepped in and kneeled at the fireplace, pretending to pray beneath the cross. Where is he? Why hasn't he come? Will he come? Will he accept the apology?
An idea occured to me when I thought of the rose. If it was still on his bed, he probably hadn't accepted it. But if it was gone... Oh, I hoped it was!
Curiousity got the better of me, and I tiptoed into his room. The rose was gone! Thank God! I flounced out of the room.
And I was on my face, being tied up rudely. My nose banged on the stones as I was jerked upright. My hands were behind my back, and I toppled again as my ankles were bound.
"AAAA!" I screamed, trying to frighten the guard away. Or was it a guard? I didn't think they all had such velvety fingers...
"Such a clever witch. Thinking you could come back and not be punished. The rose would do it all, you thought. I apologize, my dear, but you'll have to pay for your rudeness. I don't tolerate someone leaving in the middle of a meeting."
I closed my eyes, letting out a sigh that would have broke a gargoyle's heart. My sweet, mon cheri, hurting me? It was more than I could bear. To let it all end like this...
"Oh, please," I begged weakly, "no. Don't hurt me. I don't ever want to leave you. Forgive me!"
He scooped me up and threw me on the bed. The half-smile spread across his face. "I will be merciful. Only once, however. Choose me, or the prison."
Somehow, I managed to gather myself up and toss myself at him. "I've always wanted you!"
He caught me, placing me back on the bed. "Behave!"
"But... I want to be a bad girl," I giggled, sticking out my lower lip & pouting.
His only response to that was to bring a bowl of grapes over to the bedside table, stick one in his mouth, pull it out, then place it against my cheek.
I turned my head to take it with my teeth, but he playfully smacked me. "Not yet."
I snatched the next grape right out of his fingers, nipping his fingertips.
He smirked. "Would you like another grape, or my hand?"
I seductively licked my lips. "Your hand, and hopefully more."
As he kissed me, I heard through my hair, "You are forgiven."

Les Raisins Erotiques

He popped a single grape off its cluster and sucked it into his mouth. I smiled in anticipation. Would he feed it to me?
He leaned close and ejected it into my mouth. It went straight down, without a swallow. I pretended to choke, so he pounded my back and tried to suck it out.
I curled up in the fetal position, giggling. "Suck harder."
He narrowed his eyes, lowering his lips to my neck. "Here?"
I almost said yes, but realized Clopin might notice. "Lower," I teased.
He took another grape and slid it down my blouse. As it wedged itself between my breasts, he tried to position it with his fingers.
"It'd work better if you took off my blouse." Within seconds, he was guiding it off me. I felt the cool prickle of air hitting hot skin. I sat up, leaning against him. When it got over my head, I fell onto him. God, Claude was good! He knew how to make me fall over! I wouldn't do that for just anyone. Him, of course, Clopin, maybe Raja...
The grape went back into his mouth. He gently pushed me off him. "So eager to fall on your back?"
I kissed him. "Only with you." What a lie!
His tongue gently slipped from my neck to my chest. Instantly, my nipples rose and got hard. "Mmmm, yeah. There, right there."
He absent-mindedly rolled a grape over my breasts while kissing and sucking the tiny gap between them. I rolled back and forth, moaning happily.
He lifted his head to tell me something. "You have a birthmark here. They call it an angel's kiss."
I brushed his hair back with my hand. "You're one sexy angel."
The grape he'd been using slipped from his fingers. He selected another one and kissed me, shoving it down my throat with his tongue. I tried to spit it out, but no luck.
"Would you mind... untying me?"
His arms slipped around my waist to the rope restraining me. "Actually, yes. But if you won't run away this time... Will you?"
I licked his face like a dog. "No, my love."
I didn't know what to do for a moment after Frollo untied my hands. Should I hug him? Do I stroke his face? Do I just lay here until he finishes?
I had my arms on his chest before I realized what I was doing. "Oh... thank you." I buried my face against his cassock.
He smiled and dropped a grape down his collar. "Find the grape. Preferably by using your tongue."
I protested, "But how can I? You're still dressed."
He lifted his hem an inch or so. "Climb in."
I got on my knees and squirmed my way up his cassock. It was warm and friendly, and best of all, it was extremely close to his body.
He smelled like cinnamon, the smell of secret-filled books. It nearly drove me mad, being so close and almost drowning in it.
My tongue lightly tapped his stomach. He rippled his muscles, making me want to move a little lower down and eat. I couldn't deny the growing hunger much longer. So I quickly shot up his robe, spidering my fingers around his skin. He wrapped his arms around me, which was hard to do, considering I was in his clothes.
Before I knew it, I had poked my head out his collar and was sucking his neck. He ran his hands on the outside of his cassock, smoothing it across my skin. I "oohed" and "aahed" heavily.
I searched for the grape, until I glided downwards again. I felt his manhood practically bounce out of his tights as I drew near. I laid my face against it, until he lamented, "Suck. Please!"
Well, if the grape was in his tights, I wasn't likely to find it. I had other responsibilities now.
I fumbled with his tights, half excited, and half confused, until he simply took them off. I swiftly attacked. I don't think I've ever sucked quite so hard in my life.
"I feel pity for the woman who nursed you," he panted, petting my head.
I wonder if I'm leaving bruises. Should I let up? Or do I do something else?
I came up for air. "So, where's the grape? Or did you not even put it in?"
He snickered. "As long as you're enjoying yourself, who cares?"
I never did find the grape. And right when I thought Frollo would come in my mouth, a guard burst in.
"Sir, we've found a gypsy spy! He was hanging around the back door!"
My master grunted, trying to hold in his grand finale while the guard was nearby. He also yelled, "I shall send for him!"
As soon as the heavy door slammed shut, I nearly drowned in semen. I tried to swallow most of it, but a lot splashed on my clothes and face. I grabbed the nearest cloth--Frollo's tights--and began wiping off my face.
Then, the guard tossed the new prisoner into the room. It was bloodied and covered in grime. Although it was filthy and half dead, I ran to it.
"Oh, Raja! What happened?" I cradled his head in my lap. "Oh, master, please don't lock him up! He's a friend!"
An eyebrow raised. "A friend? How did you meet this... friend?"
I kissed Raja's hair and tried to clean away the caked blood from his forehead. "He used to bring me food when I didn't have any. And he was my lookout when I left the rose. Please, be merciful! Don't hurt him!"
Frollo sighed. "If it means so much to you." He stuck his head outside the door. "Guard, let the boy go!"
A guard stumbled in. "Yes, yes, sir."
Raja whispered to me, "I was worried about you. They all said not to go, but I had to know you were safe."
I kissed his cheek. "My friend, I am safe. Thank you about worrying, but I'm fine. Go now, but do not tell anyone of what you have seen."
Raja glanced at Frollo, then me. "I see. Alright."
I narrowed my eyes. "Especially not... you know who."
"Right." The guard escorted him away.
I fell into Frollo's arms. "Thank you. Once again, I'm in your debt. I love you! But I need to go now. I'll be back tomorrow."
I dashed off, ripping my blouse over my head and realizing Raja had just seen me without it. Oh God, I thought, I never wanted him to see me naked, either! Only Frollo, only him.
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