Warning: If you're offended by romance, or graphic scenes, I wouldn't read this! I warned you!

Even Gypsies Are Not Immune

I scurried back to the Court of Miracles, trying to blend into the afternoon rush of Parisians. There was an important meeting of all the spies-in-training and the apprentices tonight, and if I missed it, who knew what would happen?
As I wrapped my arms around my thin brown blanket, I scrunched down and pouted my face to look as poor as possible. I was so absorbed in my guise that I walked right into someone.
"Oh! Sir, I, uh, I'm sorry!" I cried, jumping backwards. When I lifted my eyes to see who it was, I almost screamed.
Of all things that could happen, this was the worst! Clopin would kill me, right here, in the street, if he ever knew this had just happened.
Judge Claude Frollo adjusted his hat, which had fallen askew when I ran into him. He scowled. I almost fainted. I was feeling so light-headed that I lost my balance and fell against him. Luckily, he caught me.
"Are you alright?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Why haven't I seen you before?"
I gulped, trying to pull away. But somehow, my body wouldn't let me. "I'm new, just wandered in, I'm sorry!"
I tried to yank myself out of his grasp.
He must have thought I was going to faint again, because he put his hands on my shoulders. "Come now, where do you live?"
I didn't know what to say! God, I'd only been a spy's apprentice for a month! I wasn't sure of all the tricks, but I thought I'd give it my best shot.
"I-I don't have a home, sir." I bit my tongue until tears popped up in my eyes.
His face hardened, then softened. "Oh. Do you have family? Parents?"
A flash of inspiration hit me. "Nobody cares about me. In fact, you might as well put me in prison. I'm going to die soon, anyway."
From what I had heard from the other gypsies, Frollo was the vilest, evilest creature one could ever meet up with. Nevertheless, I found myself gazing into his starry, fathoming eyes.
He glared right back. Ooh, I had to have him!
Instantly, I felt a little guilty for wanting him. Was I being traitorous to my people if I lusted after their worst enemy?
The thought was banished from my mind in a few short seconds. He's fair game, and he will be mine! Whether it takes all my life or not...
"Sir? Do you know where I can find sanctuary?"
He smiled a half-smile. My heart splattered onto the street. I am truly in love!
"There are several places, actually. You may go to Notre Dame. The," and he snickered, "Court Of Miracles, and..."
I brightened. "Where else, sir?"
Suddenly, the blanket I had on slipped off a shoulder. His eyes widened, and I knew it was over. I was going to be locked away for displaying my gypsy skin. Oh God, have mercy on me!
"Or," he whispered, "you can follow me to the Palace of Justice."
I felt like either throwing up, or throwing myself into his arms. "Sir! Oh. You are very generous, but I... well, I... oh! Alright," I mumbled meekly.
The blanket tumbled off my other shoulder, pulling my blouse down to expose a hint of cleavage. I wrapped the blanket around myself, feeling self-conscious.
I swore I saw him blink as I did so. Then he turned, saying, "Be at the back entrance tonight."
I bit my lip and nodded. Oh, what was I doing? Why did he want me? Why did I fall in love with him? How was I going to keep this a secret from my master, Clopin?
Well, it didn't matter. I was getting into the Palace--without anyone knowing I was a spy!

Clumsy Ways to Be Caught

I hunched back over again, and twisted my way through the crowd. Had anyone noticed that I had been talking to Frollo? I checked around for spies. Being one myself, I knew how to spot most of the hiding places.
However, I seemed to be relatively safe. I slid into a crack between two houses, and deftly began climbing.
I have always been terrified of heights. Climbing up the side of a rickety old wall was not exactly enjoyable, either. I refused to look down, instead climbing up over a set of closed shutters. Then, the wood underneath my foot broke away.
I muttered every curse I could think of silently. There I was, hanging just beneath someone's window, with my hands peeking up over the sill. If I let go, I would plummet to the stones below. Yelling was out of the question entirely. My only hope was to pull myself back up, hopefully not making enough noise to alarm the residents of the house. Besides, it was early evening. People would eventually see me, and that would be the end of me!
I tried to pull myself up. No luck. I'd never had much upper body strength, anyway. I knew it was only seconds before I fell. I began praying madly.
A rustle below me: an old beggar. I looked for the cup he clutched in his fist. It was empty, of course. I squinted. Was it? No, thank God, it was only a brass cup. He was safe to use as a cushion. Any proper Court beggar would know to pawn a brass cup, not use it to hold money!
I counted to three, centered myself over the pitifully dumb creature, and let go.
The crunching of dry, brittle bones was louder than I had imagined. I expected every Parisian to look at me. But no one noticed, or if they did, they didn't care. I seized the cup from his slowly loosening hand, ripped the cloak from his body, and stepped on his neck, finishing off his life.
Ah, you murderer! I told myself, half-cringing at my deed, the other half beaming with pride. Moving up the ranks; spy to assassin!
Now, off to my meeting, before I could go to the Palace...
I started climbing the house next to my previous attempt. This one was much easier; no loose pieces to slip on. I clambered over the edge onto the roof and started creeping along.
In twilight, this was dangerous. If someone just happened to look up in the right direction, I would be perfectly silhouetted against the crimson sky. So I kept low, moving serpentinely around the shingles. Finally, I reached the end of the labyrinth of rooftops. I lightly shimmied down the side of the last house and vanished silently into the many secret entrances to the Court.

The Meeting

I pulled off the blanket, shaking its influence off. In here, I was the equal of everyone else. No need to hide! The guards greeted me, bowing flippantly.
"Ah, the wench's back!"
"What's that I see? Fresh meat?"
I walked past them, not even noticing their comments. I told myself the directions to the meeting tent as I walked along.
Left at---*censored to protect the innocent*---then you're there!
Clopin scowled at me when I strolled in, taking my place on the floor.
"News?" he commanded. "Who's been caught? Any sort of new location we should use?"
I stood, matching his eyes. I hope he takes this as a sign of responsibility and not challenge. "I have been invited inside the Palace tonight," I announced.
Everyone jumped slightly at my comment, except the King.
"Wonderful. How?" He pierced my soul with a single glance.
I closed my eyes, preparing to tell all. "I was coming here, but I ran into Frollo. He... uh, seems to like me. Much like... Esme."
The other spies laughed. Was this a good sign?
Clopin, though, seemed a bit worried. "Don't let him touch you. Get what you can out of him without contact, and come back at sunrise. Make sure he doesn't follow you. But what am I saying that for? You know better. After all, you're now my senior spy."
Two voices told him the opposite. First was Jorge Boine, the senior spy Clopin had just fired, and myself.
Jorge cried, "She's young! She's a girl! She's foolish! I am your senior spy!"
I shrieked, "Your Majesty! I can't be! What about Jorge?"
He directed his answer at both of us. "She's what Frollo wants. She can get the best information, and so she is now my senior spy." He tossed the blankets onto his bed. "Now, if there isn't any other news, this meeting is over."
I felt numb as I struggled out of the tent, rudely shoved by Jorge. He was furious. I would need to stay away from him for a few days.
"Lousy brat, stealing my job! I'd watch yourself, I will be," he threatened.
I snapped, "Leave me alone! Do you want to entertain Frollo tonight? I don't, that's for sure!"
But I did! He was such a powerful man, and I needed him! Therefore, unless I wanted to get in trouble for proclaiming my love in the middle of the Court, I had to leave right away.
So I did. And I headed straight for the Palace.


Ok, I told myself, let's just get to the Palace.
Darkness had fallen over Paris, and I was eager to get to Frollo, especially since it had started to rain. It was only a light sprinkle, but considering how far away the Palace was, I would be soaking wet when I got there. As if I needed any help in getting wet. All I had to do was think of Him. A thick, grimy stone wall and a few scraggly trees shrouded the back entrance to the Palace. I hurriedly scrambled over the wall and hit behind the trunk of one tree. I wondered how he was going to let me in without attracting any attention. I had never been inside the Palace before. Did the guards live there, or did they have their own little barracks? Was my love going to lock me up, or keep me in a separate room or was he going to make a move?
I stood in the shadows, watery from the rain, tormenting myself with questions. I didn't even hear the door a few feet behind me creak open.
He tapped me on the shoulder. "Coming?"
I jumped, then criticizing myself for allowing someone to sneak up behind me, I bowed my head. "Yes, sir."
Why was he behaving like this? I would have expected him to be nasty and disrespectful, from what the other gypsies had told me. Here he was, though, being a complete sweetheart to me. Just what I wanted!
We walked into the Palace. As I had thought, it was very gloomy and dark. But his presence in front of me was enough to light the world for a week. We went up a long flight of stairs, only lighted by a torch he took off the wall.
At the end of the stairs was a long hallway. He turned down it, walking faster now.
I had to speak up. "Sir? Where are we going?"
He didn't bother to look back at me. "To your new room. Hopefully it shall be permanent."
Was this some sort of piety? Did he feel obligated to help me out, like Quasi and Jehan? Well, I appreciated it, even if he wasn't truly eager to help. It would help Clopin if I could get any information on the stronghold of his enemy.
I wrinkled my forehead as we strolled through a large room. The only thing in this room was a huge fireplace. I got the feeling he spent some sleepless nights here, by the scuffing on the floor.
He went to another room, giving me the traditional "stop" hand signal. When he returned, he was carrying some blankets. "Your bed, my lady."
He spun out of the room, leaving me with a pile of bedding and an empty fireplace.
"Goodnight," he murmured softly from the other room.
I curled up into a ball on the floor, surrounded by my covers and fell asleep.

In the Middle Of the Night

I felt breathing on my face, hot, slow panting. I thought it was only a dream, but I knew the light pressure on my lips sure as hell wasn't. I moaned a sleepy moan, and reached upwards. I found a face there. It pulled back with a start.
Playing my dream to its fullest, I sighed, "Oh, please don't go. I want you."
I knew it was him, and I knew that would bring him back. But after a few seconds, I still didn't feel the hot breath again.
I opened my eyes. He had disappeared! I hope he went back to bed. I can charm him easier that way.
So I got to my feet, took off my clothes, wrapped myself tightly up in a blanket, and stepped into the next room.
He was there, pulling off his robe. I snuck around behind him, and slowly wrapped my arms around his waist. This was a big risk. I could either get what we both wanted, or I would be beaten to a pulp right here.
His hands creeped around to mine. "Ah, you came," he said, smiling.
"How could I sleep in that other room? It's so… chilly."
He turned me around in his arms. I warned him that my blanket would come off if he wasn't careful.
"But I want it to come off," he teased, gently licking the corner of my mouth. That nearly drove me to orgasm right there. I caressed his calf with my toes. He moaned and pushed against me.
I could feel his "treat" swelling already. I was feeling a little woozy. So I crawled onto the bed and sat there, swinging a leg off the edge.
His eyes followed me. Did he notice that I didn't have on any underwear? I wondered how much hair was visible down there, anyway. Oh well. Hopefully, I wouldn't have to spend much more time in this itchy wrap!
He sat down beside me and ran his hands up and down the length of my leg. Without meaning to, I spread my legs.
Grabbing his arm, I yanked him down beside me. "You look so delicious," I commented.
"Only when I'm with you." He sucked on my toes, trailing his tongue along my ankle. He slid down to my feet and began sucking, licking, and nibbling all the way up. When he reached my inner thigh, I swung my legs onto his shoulders.
Laying there, legs up and apart, I felt like a woman in labor. That thought brought on another one. Was there any sort of drug that would keep the child from being born?
Well, that scared me to death. Was he too old? Or was it still possible that he could be fertile? I felt my libido drain instantly.
Quickly, I leaped off the bed and ran away into my room. I put on my clothes as fast as possible, then found a window and let myself out.
Frightened, I ran to the Court with all my power. But would he ever let me back inside? I wanted him still, but...
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