New Stuff!

6/11/99: Do I even want to start on updates??? God, there's new fanfic, new, a href="">new Animators Club member, & lots of little bits & pieces of improved stuff laying all over the place. Another award given out. Deleted March's updates.

5/25/99: New stuff on the anime page. More is my bio page! New Sailor Moon fanfic, too! 5/11/99: Changed the index page a little. I also changed the color on this page, obviously.

5/10/99: Added a new page, one on my favorite songs. I worked on the anime page a little, including a touching essay by an eight-year-old. Keep visiting for more updates, and thanks for all the support! I deleted February's updates...

5/4/99: Added new Sailor Moon fanfiction (Chapter 3). It even has a picture in it! Don't you think having illustrated fanfic makes it so much more fun? I used to never read fan fic, but then I started writing it, and now reading it is so much more interesting. I have an idea to write poetry, too!!!

4/27/99: Some art added to my Pokemon fanfic! Also, some new fan art!

4/25/99: New anime pics! There's also another chapter to the Sailor Moon fanfiction. Chapter 3 will be arriving soon!!! o^_^o I don't update so much because Tripod changed thier webpage editor and 3/4 of the time, the Java applets don't work. *sigh*

4/19/99: New Sailor Moon fanfiction!!

4/13/99: I changed my banner!! So if you have my old banner, please change it!

4/12/99: Lots of new Sailor Moon pictures!! They're from the Sailor Moon R Episode Guide, so you may not have seen them!! Removed banners from my links page.

4/4/99: I added something new to the free stuffpage. I also reorganized it for faster, easier browsing. I removed January's updates.
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