Yao, Chien Po, and Ling!

Yao is a tough guy with a very short temper. This picture shows his most common face.

Scary, huh? But I'd love to have this guy on my side in a fight!
Supervising Animator: Aaron Blaise
Voice: Harvey Fierstein

This is the lovable, adorable Ling.

What a ladykiller!
Supervising Animator: Broose Johnson
Voice: Gedde Watanabe

Chien Po is busy at the moment, but he hopes you can see this picture he is mentally projecting towards you...

Is it working? Can you see him? Very good!
Supervising Animator: Broose Johnson
Voice: Jerry Tondo

Well, the reason we love these three is simple. They're funny, they're cute, and they look good in dresses! Hehe, at least Li Shang doesn't get all dressed up like that. EW!!!!! *M&T fall to the floor, convulsing and vomiting* Ok, well that outburst is over... Onto the great and wonderful Gang of Three!


Someone was getting revenge on poor Yao.

Yao gets along with no one, as the picture shows. Though Chien Po seems to keep him under control at times. Marcelle thinks Yao is incredibly cool. But he's not as attractive as Ling. Still, he has charm. How could you resist someone who lives for the taste of blood and the heat of battle? Who needs a sensitive guy?
Well, for one, us!

Chien Po

Did someone just eat all the food?

Chien Po is so sweet. I bet he would make a great psychiatrist. Any time something goes wrong, you can just see Chien Po counseling. We don't think this guy really wanted to be in the army. He'd probably rather stay at home and care for his loved ones. Aw... Isn't that what every girl wants? A completely sensitive, caring man?
Actually, he's gotta have a sense of humor!


Is something wrong, Ling?

This is the greatest soldier of them all! Not Ping. Ling! Yes, we know they rhyme. But Ling is so cute. He's just got that face that makes girls melt into butter. He's funny! I mean, what doesn't he say that's hysterical? He instigates an entire troop of bored, tired, exhausted soldiers into a wacky, silly, energetic song. Talk about charisma! He is the best!!! Even though he's afraid of snakes...

Hey, wouldn't these guys be hysterical as the three Sleeping Beauty fairies?

Yao could be Flora, Chien Po could be Merryweather, and if Fauna was yellow, Ling could be her!

Thank you, An-Yi, and Lien (maintainers of Wu Zhong Camp), for the stunningly gorgeous pictures of the real Yao, Chien Po, and Ling!

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