The Goddesses of Chaos!

Well, are you sure you want to even know who we are? Ok, you asked for it!


I'm one of those people who everybody knows, but hardly anyone likes. Mostly, when people mention my name, they say, "Oh, her." Sad, isn't it? But Tealin and I met in November '97, and it was automatic best friendship! Since then, I have lost all my other friends. They don't seem to understand that some cartoon characters are much sexier than Leonardo DiCaprio. Anyway, I'm half Gothic, half gypsy. It's an interesting combination, no? My favorite things to do are go to Disney movies, watch Disney movies, draw, and listen to music. Although I have been known to go outside and play pretend. Well, I'm 16! I don't have to grow up yet! My birthday is August 29, 1982. Send me a present!! Just kidding. I finally got my hair dyed black! I'd been asking my mom for years, and she kept saying, "No. You'll ruin your hair." So one day, we finally did it, and I showed her. Ha! I have pretty blue eyes that are full of mischief. I only look innocent! But you can trust me. I'm Wiccan, which is a form of the "old religion", if you didn't know. I'm in several clubs. The ones I can remember at this point are CH, FSS, KAT, GWFF, and L.I.N.G. That's really all you need to know. You'll learn the rest later.


Hello, I would be Tealin, Marcelle's friend and accomplice. Accomplice in what? Well, just about everything. I'm sure I could write a very thorough bio, but to save you the pain of wading through all that, I'll shorten it up a bit. Marcelle and I have been friends ever since we met at the cafeteria table at school and discovered that we could make everyone else completely ignore us if we started yammering on and on about such dreadfully-boring-to-the-unenlightened-teenager stuff like animation, Redwall, Hunchback, etc. My interests are basically the same as Marcelle's (that's probably why we're friends, eh?) so there's not much to say there. I also play the violin, and Smashing Pumpkins is not my favorite band. If you want to visit my nice little corner, feel free!

And this is what we look like:
Marcelle is on the right & Tealin's to the left.

Hey!! Marcelle got her pictures taken! Feel free to print and dream with! hehe
Pic #1
Pic #2
Pic #3
Pic #4
Pic #5
& these are some of my psycho friends!

Top stair: Emily, Maggie, Nick, Matt, Serenity, Cassy.
Middle Stair: Me, Jason, Sean, Cassandra, Larry.
Floor: David, Mike.

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