Animation happens to be my forte. After all, I am going to school to study it! o^_^o So, this page will end up being a critique page for several animated films. I am really falling behind in what I've been watching, but I promise I will get it all up!

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The Animation Club!

Member #1: Marcelle, Future Cleanup Animator
Member #2: Tealin, Future Supervising Animator
Member #3: Krist, Future Supervising Animator
Member #4: D., Future Character Animator
Member #5: Manon Yap, Future Cleanup Animator
Member #6: Mirage Lavoie, Future Animator of Something, or Coffee Girl if All Else Fails
Member #7: Mahmood Saify, Future Supervising Animator
Member #8: Richard Morris, Future Computer Animator
Member #9: Shamora Raven, Future Background Artist

Marcelle's favorite animator is: Michael Surrey!!!!!! He worked on Care Bears, Fievel Goes West, Lumiere, Iago, Clopin, and now he's working on Terkoz (in Tarzan).

Tealin's favorite animator is: Michael Surrey! (my, we have such varied tastes around here.) But although he's my favorite, I still firmly believe they're ALL geniuses and should be lauded and gifts piled upon their feet!

Krist's favorite animator is Shawn Keller. He did the eels in the Little Mermaid, and also worked on the Black Cauldron.

D's favorite animators are Paul Dreissen, Kathy Zielinski, and the Brothers Quay.
Manon Yap thinks Glen Keane is the best thing in this world!!

Mirage also loves Michael Surrey. Are we seeing a pattern in tastes here, or is it just me???

Mahmood is from Iran and idolizes Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Nik Ranieri, Mark Henn, and Eric Goldberg. Coolness!

Really Cool Stuff

1. Margie Daniels has been the head cleanup animator for the past two characters Michael Surrey has been a supervising animator for. Coincidence . . . or not?
2. Eric Goldberg is married to Susan Goldberg, who worked on Ferngully and possibly Quest for Camelot. (I didn't catch her name in the theatre). For the less informed, those movies were NOT done by Disney.
3. A last-name mystery: Someone named Karen Majoribanks worked on Ferngully and Quest for Camelot. Duncan Majoribanks works at Disney and has done animation on Pocahontas and Lion King, as well as others, I'm sure. How common can that last name be?
4. Change of address: James Baxter (Quasi), Kathy Zielinski (Frollo), and Duncan Majoribanks(Ratcliffe) have moved from Disney to Dreamworks SKG and worked on Prince of Egypt.
5. Tony Fucile and Kathy Zielinski also worked on Ferngully; Tony was the animation director, and Kathy animated Hexxus.
6. Michael Surrey is married. To some lady named Maryn. I automatically don't like her!!! It's not fair!!!!! *Marcelle begins to hysterically sob*
7. Glen Keane went to Paris and decided he liked it so much he was going to live there. I wonder how well he speaks francais.
8. Glen Keane's son is a skater!!!!

What Kind of Bad Hair Day Are You Having Today?

James Baxter: That annoying little strand of hair that falls in your face ALL day long. (i.e. Belle and Quasi)
Tony Fucile: A big wad of hair stuck to your head that you can't do anything with. (i.e. Mufasa and Esmeralda)
Kathy Zielinski: A chunk of hair that flaps around in front of your face. (Okay, so this is only based on one character, Frollo. Deal.)
Michael Surrey: A wild, stringy mop that is a lot of fun to draw! Well, Timon doesn't quite have THAT much hair, but it's still that way. Clopin, on the other hand, is a perfect example.

Here's some geniuses who worked on HoND, our favorite movie!

Now, what do some of those geniuses look like? Follow me!
Or if you want to see more information about these incredibly fantastic people, just visit Tealin's animation page!
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